Fan Keeps Watching ‘Silicon Valley’ Even Though It Relies on Very Repetitive Patterns

Riley Bipp, a 29-year-old Pennsylvania resident, has watched every aired episode of the HBO series Silicon Valley. He’s a fan of the show because of how it engages one of the fastest-changing sectors of the global economy in terms of business ethics and friendship. “They also had that one legendary d*ck joke. Sh*t like that makes me laugh a lot,” said Bipp.

Recently, however, Bipp has become disillusioned with the patterns of SV’s plotlines. “I don’t know how I missed it, but Silicon Valley is super repetitive,” he said. “I know what’s gonna happen in each arc. It’s like, they’re gonna have a tech breakthrough, and it’ll be incredible, unbelievable, too good to be true. Then the breakthrough will really be too good to be true, and get stopped by an unsolvable problem. Oh no!” Bipp mock-exclaimed.

Bipp described the rest of SV’s repetitive structure. “Then they’ll find the out-of-nowhere-and-somehow-absolutely-perfect solution that solves their tech and legal and personal problems for the rest of the episode or whatever, up until the next tech breakthrough. Then the cycle will repeat.” Bipp stared blankly for a couple of seconds. “I’m not really that smart, believe it or not. I shouldn’t have figured this out, man. It’s really messing up my viewing experience.”

Not wanting to give up on the show as a whole, Bipp’s used his analysis to leverage a new notion of how he understands his day-to-day existence. “I guess I’m okay with shows, or life in general, being repetitive. It’s when it gets predictable that I hate it. Like, I can’t guess how Richard [Hendricks] will get out of [Hendricks’ current problem omitted to avoid spoilers]. I just know he will get out of it, somehow. That’s enough to disappoint me, but also enough to keep me watching. Besides, I can’t just stop in the middle of the fourth season.”

Bipp shrugged and then asked the Buffalo Chips interviewer how they knew he watched Silicon Valley. The interviewer broke out of Bipp’s headlock and dashed off before Bipp could ask them any further questions.


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